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the motivation

"I started to work on the idea about making this film after I had felt ageism played a part in my struggle to find work in 2004 and 2005" said Patricia Sahertian. After finishing Barbara Ehrenreich's book Bait and Switch: the (futile) pursuit of the American Dream, Sahertian was influenced by what she had read. Ehrenreich's advice was: if you are bothered enough by something, do something about it. "So that's what I set out to do" Sahertian claimed. She traveled across the United States and Ireland gathering stories and filming over 150 hours of footage for the documentary, CUT BACK: facing ageism. She spent a good part of a year just in the editing process. When the film was finished she entered it into local, national and international film festivals.

There was also another personal side to Sahertian's motivation. "My father lost his job in the printing industry when computers made linotype obsolete. He suffered from depression and found it hard to get another job. Ageism played a part in that, but I was too young at the time to even realize what was happening to him" she stated. When she reached the same age as he was and felt the same resistance in the job market, she finally understood what he had experienced. "My father, Francis Michael Patrick McLarnon, died some years ago and I want to dedicate this film to him."

With the help and support of Sahertian's husband, Jacob, her sister, Rosena Radenberg, her children Megan and Damian Kelley and her friends Margaret Haack and Ruth Tukan this movie has become a reality.